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Waterpik Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush SR-3000
Waterpik Sensonic Professional Plus Toothbrush SR-3000
Introducing the new Waterpik Sensonic® Professional Plus toothbrush. With state-of-the-art sonic technology, its bristle tip speed is 25% faster than Sonicare®FlexCare. New clinical research confirms that the Sensonic Professional Plus is up to 29% more effective at removing plaque and up to 26% more effective at improving gum health than Sonicare® FlexCare.

The advanced brush head design, with extra soft, end-rounded bristles gently targets those hard to reach areas between teeth. The results? Powerful, yet gentle plaque removal for a healthy and attractive smile.

The Sensonic Professional Plus provides superior oral health benefits and advanced features like an ergonomic handle, three unique brush heads, two speed settings for gentle cleaning or maximum plaque removal and a deluxe recharge indicator gauge. It also features a 2 minute brushing timer with 30 second intervals to ensure adequate brushing time throughout the mouth, hygienic brush head covers and a premium travel case.

Sensonic Professional Plus. More effective sonic toothbrushing.

Product Features
  • Slim, ergonomic handle design
  • New charging base and deluxe recharge indicator gauge
  • Three brush head options to meet individual needs
  • Advanced Brush Head Design with extra soft, end-rounded bristles
  • 25% faster bristle tip speed than Sonicare® FlexCare.
  • Dual speed control on handle: high for superior plaque removal and low for gentle cleaning and gum massage
  • Hygienic Brush Head Covers
  • 2 minute brushing timer
  • 30 second quadrant pacer
  • Premium Travel Case
  • 1 - Standard Brush Head Extra-soft, end-rounded bristles gently target hard-to-reach areas. (Change every 3 months)
  • 1 - Compact Brush Head A smaller, slimmer design that provides excellent access for precision cleaning. (Change every 3 months)
  • 1 - Interdental Brush Head Specially shaped to gently but effectively clean trouble spots between teeth. (Change every 3 months)

eStore Price: S$238.00

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