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Cane Art - Perry Cane (Pink)
Cane Art - Perry Cane (Pink)
Another take of the Perry Cane, this time in a delicate baby metallic pink colour. Simple and classic with a twist of femininity. A great gift for a loved one. FEATURES Foldable and compact: Perfect for keeping your walking cane in your paper bag, handbag, suitcase, briefcase, bedside drawer, or even for storage under a car seat when not in use Adjustable length: 31" - 35" (78 cm - 88 cm) Modern designs: We have carefully hand picked everything from the handle grain, to the collar, to the print, down to the coating finish, in order to suit today's discerning users of walking canes who appreciate the value of style and quality Non-slip steel-inserted rubber tip: Comes with a steel washer inserted inside the base of the rubber tip, boosting its durability compared to a standard rubber tip Additional features of Luxe Canes: Wrist strap: A premium wrist strap that is made of gentle skin-friendly fabric is included Storage bag: Comes with a black zipped bag to store your walking cane when folded SPECIFICATIONS Adjustable length: 31" - 35" (78 cm - 88 cm) Weight capacity: Up to 180 lbs (80 kg) Shaft material: Light-weight aluminium Weight of cane: 0.44 lbs (0.2 kg) Tip size: 16mm

eStore Price: S$59.00

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