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New Chapter Estrotone 60 Softgels
New Chapter Estrotone 60 Softgels
Herbal Hormonal Balance .supports pre- and post- menopausal hormonal balance .modulates 5-lipoxygenase and promotes normal bone growth Evening Primrose - A rich source of EFAs valuable in maintaining hormonal health Schizandra - Treasured Oriental fruit aids liver detoxification and traditionally revered for promoting normal fluids for healthy sexual functioning Ginger - Counters a wide range of inflammatory compounds, offers many anti-aging constituents that inactive disruptive free radicals Black Cohosh - Europre's most popular phytoestrogenic balancing tonic, fullest spectrum and highest potency available. Chaste Tree - Scientifically shown to promote hormonal balance, assisting women through all changes in life Rosemary - Nature's rich source of anti-aging constituents, including phytonutrients that optimize memory. Other ingredients: Olive oil-extrea virgin,Maltodextrin,yellow beeswax,znd organic sunflowe oil. Capsule: Gelatin,Vegetable glycerine,water and carob Naturally gluten free

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